W O RLD ATM Locator

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What Are You Getting

  • Responsive Design

    Designed unique to your phone’s features

  • Geo-locator

    Find the nearest location without entering your address or zip code

  • List of the closest locations

    Scroll through a list of the closest locations

  • Very easy to customize

    Customize it very easily to you need, choose between walking or driving, or change the metric unit you want to be displayed

  • Multi-language Interface

    Choose between English, Macedonian or German language

  • Overview Map and Directions

    Get a map overview, as well as list of directions to the closest ATM


Find the nearest ATM in few seconds

Find ATMs located around the world with your iPhone’s or Android phone’s GPS, from wherever you happen to be. The World ATM Locator makes it fast and easy for you locate the nearest ATM to your current location. And because the World ATM Locator is location aware, there’s no need to input your address or current location, no matter where in the world you are. The World ATM Locator lets you tailor your search on what you want to do. Once nearest to you ATM is located, driving or walking directions are also available providing you information how to reach the selected ATM.


What our users are saying

  • “A lifesaver for travelers. You can find an ATM anywhere you go.”

  • “Very accurate and helpful application. It’s showing directions for both walking and driving. Just perfect!”

  • “Easy to use, you can filter the results by ATM Owner or location name.”

  • “Love the ATM Locator app. It has everything you need to easily locate an ATM wherever you are.”

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